Briggs Blasts Iggy Azalea: "She's Definitely Over"

5 February 2016 | 2:17 pm | Cyclone WehnerUppy Chatterjee

"It's like this weird minstrel show she puts on – she's garbage."

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In an exclusive interview with Briggs, the rapper told The Music that he thought Iggy Azalea's career was "definitely over", when asked if Iggy Azalea had inadvertently helped the profiles of other rappers and hip hop acts overseas.

The outspoken rapper said, "Her label wouldn't even give her the money for a video. That's a pretty big sign that things are done for her. But authenticity is something that comes through with honesty, and honesty and that never goes out of fashion — that always stays true.

"Someone like her, it was always only gonna last for a certain amount of time. I just hope she's saved enough money."

Briggs is presumably referring to Azalea's recent tweets about Virgin EMI refusing to let Azalea film a video for her track, Azillion (which she calls 'Zillon' on Twitter). 

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Briggs goes on to say, "She's a good barometer on what not to be! She represents nothing but herself. And that's cool. She's a good representation on what not to be. It's like this weird minstrel show she puts on — she's garbage."

The indigenous rapper has been in the spotlight lately for speaking out on the actions of two white Australian men in head-to-toe blackface at an 'Australian Icons' party.

He and Azalea have clashed in the past, when Azalea reportedly "suggested koori folk are ostracised because we don't like to live in houses".

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