Bodyjar Frontman Involved In Serious Car Crash

13 January 2023 | 3:21 pm | Dan Cribb

“Pretty amazing that I actually walked away from this.”

(Crash image via Instagram; Bodyjar shot by Farley Webb)

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Bodyjar’s Cam Baines has walked away from a car crash that could have ended in devastation.

The singer and guitarist was driving yesterday when someone, who was allegedly on their phone, pulled out in front of him, leading to a collision that resulted in his vehicle rolling.

“Pretty amazing that I actually walked away from this,” Baines said via socials, noting that he was “probably still in shock but physically ok”.

“The other person who hit me was apparently on the phone at the time. Stay off the god damn phone while driving!”

Speaking with The Music, he added: “The car rolled twice, so I thought I’d be worse off. It went onto its roof, wheels and then back onto the roof and then airbags were everywhere.

“I can still remember everything. I didn’t hit my head or anything. I just undid the seatbelt, grabbed the door and got out of there. Then there were like 30 people there within five minutes.”

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Baines was driving on a main road at 60kms/h when a P-plater pulled out of a side street, trying to get a median strip.

Baines is extremely thankful that both he and the other driver are okay.

Bodyjar will headline Sydney's Sin Or Swim punk cruise on March 12 alongside Gyroscope.

Joining them will be Sydney's "wannabe punk band" Nerdlinger and pop punks Bellwether, with acoustic sets from Vetty Vials, Blake Cateris, Diego Mora and Joe Guiton.

Baines also told The Music Bodyjar have "something special" to announce for this year.

Last year, Baines waxed lyrical with The Music about his favourite lyrics from the band's latest album, New Rituals, and his favourite songs ever.

In his favourite verse from New Rituals, Baines said, "It's hard to pick with so much insightful wordsmithing going on, but I'd say the first lyric in Surrender: You celebrate and masticate.’ I thought, 'Tom's finally written a song about wanking,' then I looked it up and realised he was writing about chewing your food properly, which I guess is a global issue right now."

Produced by Bodyjar and Sam Johnson (Northlane, Luca Brasi, Camp Cope, The Bennies) and mixed by Steve Evetts (New Found Glory, Architects), New Rituals is the band’s seventh LP and might be their most powerful record yet.

It features singles Big Shot and Get Out Of My Head alongside a cover of Dragon hit Rain.

"Dragon's Rain is a song that we have toyed with at jams for over 10 years but we never really grabbed a hold of it until this album," Baines said when they first released the cover.

"We really wanted a cool '80s song on the album because Hazy Shade Of Winter always went down so well live and we haven’t recorded a cover in a long time.

"Overall a great band of songwriters, with Todd Hunter also writing Age Of Reason for John Farnham. I know we never had THAT kind of success but I feel a connection with them because they always seemed to put the songs first.

"There's something amazing about it, it was their comeback song and it worked great! So with Todd’s blessing, we can finally put it out."

You can stream New Rituals below.