Beyond The AMID Power 50: The Ones To Watch

14 December 2015 | 4:42 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

The ex-Power 50 place-holders and new faces alike worth keeping an eye on as serious contenders for future rankings

Not everyone can fit into the AMID Power 50. Quiet years, great initiatives that are just not quite yet proven, or the exceptional achievements of others can often keep someone out of the top 50. So here’s a few names we wanted to make sure that we mentioned – mainly so we can say ‘we picked it’ when they’re in the 50 next year.

One of the most glaring exclusions from the AMID Power 50 since its inception has been politicians around Australia, from all levels of government. The decisions they make have never had a big enough impact on venue sustainability and artist viability but, while many have threatened, no politicians in any position of power have really made a stand on it.

South Australian premier Jay Weatherill (pictured left) almost made this year’s list for the moves being made in Adelaide. The state’s establishment of a communal creative space and a wealth of musician-aimed grants have attracted attention from the rest of the country.

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Whether or not it amounts to actual results remains to be seen, but the noise being made in South Australia is believed to be coming from Weatherill’s office.

Falling out of the list this year was John Butler (pictured right, centre), who is off-cycle, but keep an eye out for his work alongside wife Danielle Caruana (aka Mama Kin) with The Seed.

A non-for-profit industry organisation that helps fund, educate and connect burgeoning and established industry professionals, they recently raised $40,000 through a crowdfunding campaign to fund the ongoing work.


the 2015 amid power 50: #50-#31

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Tame Impala frontman and songwriter Kevin Parker (pictured left) is now a global force and his band is welcomed at any festival around the world. Although he’d hate the wording, the more his ‘brand’ builds the more clout he’s going to have. There’s a lot of people keen to work with him as well.

Focusing more on the domestic market, MusicNT head Mark Smith (pictured right) has been a driving force in garnering exposure for a lot of Northern Territory acts. As well as exposing his local talent to the rest of the country, he’s played a large part in getting industry experts to the red centre to experience the scenes for themselves.  

Brothers Matt and Dan Rule achieved almost iconic reverence in Sydney during their tenure with the Annandale Hotel, but their influence hasn’t stopped there. From building The Vic up to an inner-west destination they’re putting music in venues all across Sydney – Lord Gladstone, Botany View Hotel, Wayward Brewing Co for starters. Their King St Crawl had a first year that exceeded expectations as well.

the 2015 amid power 50: #30-#11

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Represented in the Power 50 with Millie Millgate, the work of Sounds Australia in creating opportunities for Australian artists is more vital than ever. The group’s Export Music Producer Glenn Dickie (pictured right) seems to have landed his dream job after an A&R stint at EMI (he left after the Universal purchase).

The rebuilding phase at New World Artists is as good as complete, with Northlane, In Hearts Wake, Dead Letter Circus, Illy, Rockwiz Live, Daniel Johns, Baro and Willow Beats all artists (and shows) they’ve helped build. It’s been a team effort, though, and Edwin Tehrani, Julia Davis, Tom Johannesen and Owen Orford all add something to the business.

Other names making waves include Damo Costin (pictured left), whose 123 Agency continues to grow after he spun off from Premier Artists. 

In Adelaide, Craig Lock and Ross Osman’s 5/4 Entertainment is building Tkay Maidza and Jesse Davidson into national concerns. 

The creation of Creative Victoria has given Kirsty Rivers a lot of clout in funds distribution across the state – an influence that will become apparent with time.

Director of Bolster Music Anthony Zaccaria first came to prominence as the manager of Loon Lake and more recently Fractures, but the company’s been handling a lot of top marketing contracts for labels recently.

Through her company Comes With Fries, Vanessa Picken (pictured right) is one of the top digital agents in the country. Drawing on experience from the corporate and major label industries, she’s at the forefront of the digital creative industry.

Paul Fletcher and Aaron Rutter are the co-directors of Perth promoters JumpClimb Events and they continue to capitalise on a revitalised scene. Events including Beaufort Street Festival, Aviary Rooftop Sessions, Rottofest (which they book music for) and BeauVine Festival put them in good stead for inclusion in next year’s list.

the 2015 amid power 50: #10-#1

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