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Bethany Cosentino At BIGSOUND: 'Female Artists Are Taking Over The World'

4 September 2019 | 1:38 pm | Staff Writer

Bethany Cosentino just wrapped up her keynote interview with Double J's Karen Leng at BIGSOUND. Here's what she had to say on everything from her cat Snacks to being asked, "What it's like being a 'girl on tour'?"

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On those pink velvet chairs 

“It’s like a scene from Little Mermaid.” 

On Best Coast’s first record

“Feels like a lifetime away.” 

“I’ve created this time capsule of my life… an archive of my 20’s through my music.”

On the new album

“Just finished - just got mastered and will be out next year.” 

“With what I do and what I write, I put myself out there.”

“I hope people relate to this and I hope they understand this.”

“A journey from darkness into light.”

“Sense that I am behind the wheel.”

On separation of art and artist 

“I feel there’s a separation of me and the art I create.”

“Art doesn’t have to be so deep and intricate.” 

On her childhood 

“I’m an only child so I was very demanding.”

“My presence was… very known.” 

“Found a place to channel it.”

“Tried really hard to drift away from music.”

On a creative writing career 

“Lasted about nine months of creative writing in New York.” 

“I’m a very intuitive person - felt like I [had to] go back to California.”

On gratitude 

“I was raised to be very humble, my parents told me, ‘Don’t act too conceited...You’ve gotta be grateful.'” 

“Why would anyone care about what I have to say.” 

On dealing with Best Coast’s sudden rise to fame 

“I didn’t...” 

“You know, 'I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing.'” 

“People knew my cat’s name.”

“I never learnt how to adjust to that change. I didn’t learn that until two to three years ago.”

“It’s crazy when your life goes from Lush employee to features written about you in Rolling Stone.”

On sobriety 

“I got sober - it definitely changed my life.”

“A switch went off.” 

“[I] actively seek out tools that would help me cope with this life that just happened.”

“I still have days when I’m like, ‘Fuck it all,’ and stare at the ceiling.”

On having control as an artist 

“Making this [new] record I was so at ease.” 

“Took it one song at a time, one day at a time.” 

“It actually made the music stronger.” 

On building a community 

“Find your tribe.”

“Creative people - we’re all fucking crazy.”

“Read people and notice red flags.” 

“Shift through the shitty ones to find the really good ones.”

“When you met the person who’s right for you, you just know.”

On social media 

“I have a tendency to overshare.” 

“We want to be fans of people we can hang out with and have a conversation with.” 

“Always tried to be my very authentic self.” 

“Allows me the chance to connect with people. 

“A platform I’ve learned I can use to do good… to educate people.” 

On people being shit on social media 

“It’s people just projecting their own insecurities.” 

“Like what makes you think I care what you have to say.” 

“Difficult for sure, but I try not to engage.” 

“People are assholes on the internet… [but] they’re project their own insecurities.” 

“Like, ‘What makes you think I care what you have to say.’”

“It’s difficult for sure but I try not to engage.” 

On sexism in the music industry 

“I do think there’s been a shift.” 

“I cannot stop seeing female artists taking over the world right now.” 

“Sadly we still have a long way to go.” 

“Women doing their thing is very empowering.” 

On learning it’s OK to say no 

“It gained me a lot of respect.” 

“I’ve grown into a woman who’s not afraid to raise her hand and say, “This doesn’t work for me.’” 

On being asked, “What’s it like to be a girl on tour”

“I’m literally just a person.” 

“I just use a different bathroom and sometimes I’m on my period.” 

On career highlights 

“Not to be a kiss ass but this is rad.” 

“I would not choose to do anything differently. It’s all put me in this pink chair.”

Cosentino stopped by The Green Room With Neil Griffiths podcast yesterday to chat about all things BIGSOUND. Check it out here.