Bertie Blackman To Visit With Pope In August

11 June 2012 | 6:00 pm | Staff Writer

Bertie Blackman reveals details of her fourth studio album.

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Bertie Blackman has announced August 28 as the release date for her fourth album Pope Innocent X.

The follow-up to her ARIA-winning 2009 album Secrets And Lies, Pope takes it inspiration from Francis Bacon's painting Study After Velázquez's Portrait Of Pope Innocent X and is described as "dark".

"I'm a big fan of Francis Bacon," says Blackman of the album title, "My father lived in the same building as Bacon in the '50s in London... he's part of my family history."

Blackman wrote the album over a six month period in Chicago, returing to Melbourne to record with producer Francois Tetaz (Gotye, Sally Seltmann): "Franc's a mad scientist of sound, so it was a perfect collaboration."

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The eleven-track album features the songs Thugs And Lost Boys, Howl Growl and Mistakes amongst its track listing. Pope also features guest players Kirrin J Callahan, Sophia Brous and Kram, as well as horn player Adam Simmons and Gotye drummer Michael Iveson.

Correction: This story was ammended 1:45pm June 12 to correctly credit Adam Simmons as a guest horn player, not a guest drummer as initially stated.