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Ben Mendelsohn Rode 'Animal Kingdom Wave' To Work Opposite Ryan Gosling

9 October 2012 | 7:35 pm | Sally Anne Hurley

Colourful Aussie actor on sudden fame in the states

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Aussie actor Ben Mendelsohn has given us insight into his rising film career in Hollywood after his turn in the acclaimed Animal Kingdom.

In a recent interview, Mendelsohn - who stars alongside Brad Pitt in new film Killing Them Softly- describes his recent run of roles in American films as “the afterglow of Animal Kingdom”, although The Dark Knight Rises was an exception. “In that case, that was my agent badgering me to put down a screen test – Christopher Nolan hadn't seen Animal Kingdom.”

There's no denying the impact that the award-winning film has had on Mendelsohn's career, with Killing Them Softly (released Thursday 11 October) and The Place Beyond The Pines, which he co-stars in with Hollywood heartthrobs Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper.

“Ryan plays a stunt motorcyclist with this travelling sideshow, and he meets this guy" – Mendelsohn's character, Robin - “who talks him into robbing banks, using his skills for his own good. It takes place over a couple of generations. Don't read anything about it if you can help it. It's best raw, and it's beautiful. It's beautiful, The Place Beyond The Pines.”

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