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Being As An Ocean Cancel Upcoming Australian Tour

3 February 2023 | 11:54 am | Mary Varvaris
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"All I can do is be candid and vulnerable with you, our audience."

Being As An Ocean

Being As An Ocean (Source: Supplied)

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Californian post-hardcore band Being As An Ocean have cancelled their upcoming Australian tour, which was due to begin next Thursday in Perth. The band would have celebrated their 2012 debut, Dear G-d..., playing the greater part of the album, including songs they'd never played live.

Vocalist Joel Quartuccio shared a candid statement that discussed a terrible situation he and his wife have been facing. He cited being displaced from their rental home due to mould, facing homelessness, and his wife's autoimmune condition flaring up due to the stress. Read the full statement below, as quoted by Destroy All Lines:

To all of our people and fans in AUS,
I know this is unfortunate and frustrating news after last year’s postponement, but Being As An Ocean will have to cancel our upcoming Australian tour.

All I can do is be candid and vulnerable with you, our audience. As of January 1st, my family and life has been in crisis. My wife and I have been displaced from our rental home due to mold. Since then we have been sleeping on couches, while we search desperately for a new, safe home.

Over the past 6 months, we have been experiencing more and more health symptoms, that we were unaware were tied to this discovery. My wife has an autoimmune condition and has been hit particularly hard by this. Her condition has flared so intensely that she has not been able to work, or even get out of bed some days. My mental and physical health has been in decline since the displacement.

There is nothing more I’d love than for things to right themselves today and be able to make the tour. But given the circumstances, I cannot leave San Diego. I will not leave my wife to deal with the worst health episode she has ever experienced, or securing a new place to live all alone. My days are full of 10+hr shifts at work, doctor’s appointments and tests, and house hunting in every spare moment. I refuse to leave my wife alone with that load.I pray that if you support and love Being As An Ocean, you have it in your heart to forgive the cancellation and find compassion with our situation. Family is more important than anything in this world. It is something that I have said at shows, sing in our songs, and try to live out every day. I must stand up for that now.

To the fans, promoters, and fellow musicians this will affect, I am sorry. I have to follow my convictions and do what I feel in my soul to be right. If you have a partner, or are married, I know that you would do anything in your power for them and your family in a time of deep crisis. I appreciate you all and hope you understand.

All love,Joel Quartuccio 

Dear G-d... is a raw emotional rollercoaster, and the evident passion derived from the band’s faith makes the full 52 minutes much more engaging. The sounds of the album seem to move like a wave, alternating smoothly between hard-hitting, mosh-worthy breakdowns as heard in We Will Never Be the Same and the title track, Dear G-d, and often retreating to the hypnotic tones of the clean vocals, suggestive of bands like Listener. Midway through the record, It's Not Really As Complicated As You Make It Out To Be captures the album's ambience in an epic seven-minute instrumental.