Behold The Sludgy Post-Punk Doom Of Slowed-Down Alvin & The Chipmunks Songs

3 November 2015 | 11:49 am | Staff Writer

Get ready to feel uncomfortable

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The internet has a way of delivering things straight into our laps that we didn't even know we needed until they existed. 

Via The AV Club, this week's prime example of the world wide web's predilection for weirdly wonderful insanity comes in the form of Sludgefest, a playlist of classic songs — as recorded by the voice cast members of Alvin & The Chipmunks — slowed down to a more 'human' timbre. Naturally, slowing down the vocals means slowing down the instrumentals, so the final product ends up a frighteningly brilliant approximation of sludgy, post-punk-esque doom tunes, all churning, low guitars and and plodding percussion topped with deep, definitively non-chipmunk-like vocals.

Created by SoundCloud user chipmunkson16speed, better known — as The AV Club notes — as Brian Borcherdt, a Toronto-based musician and central member of electronic outfit Holy Fuck, the songs are the result of old Chipmunks LPs meeting a 16rpm suitcase record player. It's not the first time Borcherdt has played around with such dynamics, however, with The AV Club citing an interview with Toronto mag Now in which Borcherdt explains that, in the early days of Holy Fuck, "that turntable was one of the things we would bring around with us".

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"Sometimes we'd play various records really deep and guttural and slow, and work that into the fabric of whatever we were building," he said.

"It's not meant to travel though, and it eventually took a spill and broke. I never got the chance to do a bunch of things that I wanted to do, one of which was this Alvin & The Chipmunks thing."

As you can hear above, the playlist features slowed-down/normalised renditions of Blondie's Call Me, The BanglesWalk Like An Egyptian, Belinda Carlisle's Heaven Is A Place On Earth, The ChipettesDiamond Dolls, The SupremesYou Keep Me Hangin' On (as covered by Kim Wilde), The Knack's My Sharona and classic country track Always On My Mind, which has been popularly recorded by Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson and the Pet Shop Boys. However, the fun doesn't stop there, with Borcherdt having also crafted sludge-pop versions of The Chipmunks' covers of Michael Jackson's Bad, Eddie Rabbitt's I Love A Rainy Night, and Bananarama's Venus, among others.

If Dave Seville has any managerial nous at all, he'll take the stylistic suggestions within under serious advisement.