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Ball Park Music's New Record Is Just What The World Needs Right Now

23 October 2020 | 3:38 pm | The Music Team

There's a tonne of new music released every Friday and wading through it to find your next favourite album is an almost impossible task. 'The Music' team get it and we're here to help, bringing you our Album Of The Week each Friday. Here's why Ball Park Music's self-titled album is this week's pick.

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Ball Park Music was recorded and produced in its entirety by the band at their Brisbane studio over the Summer of 2019 and 2020. Ball Park Music have always had the ability to lift spirits with their music, so a new record dropped into a changing world may just be the tonic for us right now. But don't just take our word for it, you can listen to it here:

The first taste of the self-titled album came in March just as the world was heading into lockdown. Spark Up! was an instant pick-me-up to help us through these challenging and changing times.

In June came yet another taste of what’s to come with the release of Day & Age:

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The final taste of the album before release was Cherub, and its video was an unexpected surprise. Spending more time at home amidst lockdowns and restrictions, guitarist Dean Hanson noticed that his garden was absolutely rife with butterflies and spent time channelling his inner David Attenborough and filming them in his yard. Upon sharing his efforts with the band, everyone loved it and knew the footage would have to accompany a song of theirs at some point.

And then the band stunned via triple j's Like A Version today:

We're not the only ones vibing on the new album, the world at large is having nice things to say about it too. Apparently, it's so good it induces swears:

And here's what the band themselves have to say about it: “We’ve been talking about releasing a self-titled record for years, waiting for the right album to do it and we were finally like, ‘This is it, let’s do it!’. I think we’re just seeing everything in a brand-new light all of a sudden and we were like, ‘This album feels different, we know it in our heart’. This record is the most us," says Ball Park Music frontman Sam Cromack.

To coincide with the album's release, Ball Park Music are performing a residency at The Triffid, with their first show tonight (23 Oct) being live-streamed. For more info check the dates below or head to The Guide.