Azealia Banks Makes Explosive Accusations Against RZA After Russell Crowe Run-in

2 November 2017 | 2:18 pm | Staff Writer

Rapper speaks in new interview.

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Azealia Banks has made some explosive accusations against fellow rapper RZA following her highly-publicised run in with Russell Crowe last year, alleging that she was brought to the actor's hotel to sleep with him. 

Last October, the 26-year-old alleged that she was choked, spat on and called a "n****r" by Crowe, before being kicked out of his Beverly Hills hotel, which she was invited to by RZA. 

The allegations against Crowe were thrown out of court in December. 

However, in a new interview with The Black Media, Banks slammed the Wu Tang-Clan member for defending Crowe after the run-in

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"When RZA's testimony after the Russell Crowe incident, I was really just kind of confused," Banks said.

"Because when you listen to his TMZ testimony, he admits to Russell spitting on me, but then says I deserved it. I don't understand… how anyone deserves to be spat on.

Banks continued, "Point blank, RZA took me to Russell's house like a piece of ass. Like, he took me there to fuck Russell Crowe. 100%."

Watch the full video below.