Axl Rose To Aussie Audiences: 'Play With Your Toys Somewhere Else'

28 November 2022 | 9:40 am | Mary Varvaris

The Guns N' Roses frontman isn't fond of this method of bootlegging.

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Axl Rose shared his disappointment with a group of Aussie fans using drones to capture footage of a Guns N' Roses concert on the Gold Coast over the weekend. 

The Guns N' Roses frontman has undoubtedly seen it all with people recording shows, from carrying video cameras to mobile phones. However, he isn't fond of this new method of bootlegging and finds it highly distracting.

"Had a few drones this leg. Last night (Gold Coast Australia) was probably the most intrusive," Rose wrote on social media. "Was a bit of a distraction as obviously someone thought it was just ok to be doing that but also it coming that close in front of the stage and then actually over n' on the stage.

"People were pissed. However much fun anyone's having ur still trying to stay focused n' do ur job n' give the fans the best show you can," he continued. "Anyway… we get it can be ‘fun’ to get ur drone bootleg vid but we’d appreciate it if anyone planning to b a drone pirate took the fans n’ band into consideration and n’ played w/ ur toys somewhere else." Read the singer's full statement below.

Guns N' Roses announced the epic Use Your Illusion I & II 30th anniversary box sets earlier this year. 

All the tracks have been completely re-mastered for the sets and include live versions, alongside older hits such as Welcome To The Jungle and Sweet Child O’Mine. Among the bonus tracks is a 2022 version of November Rain, orchestrated by Christopher Lennertz. 

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Two of the albums in the 'super deluxe' pack are re-masters of live concerts in New York in 1991 and Last Vegas in 1992 and contain most of the never-been-released material.

Also in the pack are a 100-page book featuring never before seen photos of the band, UYI tour replica cloth sticky backstage passes, Ritz Theatre 5/16/1991 replica concert ticket (with the misprinted date of 5/15/1991), Conspiracy Inc replica fan club folder with membership card and Conspiracy Inc 1991/1992 UYI-era replica fan club newsletters.

The band unveiled the new version of November Rain this month. Here in Australia, November Rain was the band's biggest song, tipping over twice platinum and becoming the second highest-selling single for 1992 behind Billy Ray Cyrus' Achy Breaky Heart. The track then backed up in 1993 as the year's 36th biggest track, spending 41 weeks in the top 50, a record for its time. 

Guns N' Roses are currently touring Australia with homegrown punk favourites The Chats and Cosmic Psychos.