Aussie Band Greatest Hits Change Their Name To Double Talk

3 April 2024 | 11:43 am | Mary Varvaris

On the reason for their name change, Double Talk said, "Try to find us on Google or Spotify and you’re more likely to end up with Phil Collins!"

Double Talk

Double Talk (Source: Facebook)

Gold Coast-based Australian/English band Greatest Hits have ushered in the next chapter of their career, changing their name to Double Talk.

Why? It’s pretty hard to find a band called Greatest Hits on the internet, that’s why.

Double Talk surprised their fans by announcing the forthcoming name change on Monday – April Fool’s Day – before confirming the new name yesterday.

“We are changing the name of our band,” the band wrote on Instagram alongside a video announcing that they’d be changing their name on Monday. “Going forward, we will no longer be called Greatest Hits.

“Why would we leave behind the greatest band name ever? Well, we never really intended this band to be anything. Just some jams and a funny name. As it’s turned out (thanks to you lovely humans), we’ve been lucky enough to do quite a lot of great things!”

Some of those great things include performing at Slovakia’s Pohoda Festival, Yours & Owls, and Falls, opening for Gang Of Youths, Ladyhawke, and Hollow Coves, and locking in bigger and bigger national headlining tours.

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But that hasn’t made the band members’ lives easier – try and find Greatest Hits on Google or Spotify, and as they aptly state, “you’re more likely to end up with Phil Collins!”

They continued, “It’s a shame, but calling your band Greatest Hits confuses the algorithm, and causes major glitches in Spotify and Shazam. Nobody, (not even Spotify) can tell us why. I guess we broke the internet, but not really in the way you want to!

“The reality is this - we want to spend less time fixing streaming problems, and more time making the best music we can.”

Yesterday, the trio moved from Greatest Hits to Double Talk, hoping to avoid confusing the algorithm and find new listeners.

But, with the name change, already-existing Greatest Hits merchandise might just become a valuable commodity. You can purchase some last-minute merch here.

Double Talk released their debut EP under the Greatest Hits name in 2020 and released their latest single, Human Zoo, in 2022. They’ve been on the road ever since.