Ausmusic T-Shirt Day: Who Your Favourite Artists Are Repping

18 November 2022 | 3:52 pm | Mary Varvaris

Today is the big day!

Today is Ausmusic T-Shirt Day, the coolest day on the Aus Music Month calendar. 

Today, we're all encouraged to wear our favourite band shirts representing Australian music and donate to Support Act. If you're interested in contributing to the organisation, they have handily provided tips and resources. Triple J, Double J, and Triple M will also play Aussie music all day long and host interviews; tune in to your preferred station today. 

There is also an abundance of local events occurring today in support of Ausmusic T-Shirt Day, as spotlighted by Support Act:

Check out who your favourite artists, radio broadcasters, and even politicians are repping below:

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