All Tomorrow's Parties Making 'Changes' As They Enter Liquidation

4 July 2012 | 2:08 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

The owner has set up a new company.

Boutique festival promoters All Tomorrow's Parties appear to have gone into liquidation last month, with the company's founder Barry Hogan establishing a new company.

The cash-strapped festival company, officially called ATP Concerts Limited, is world renowned for its artist-curated festivals and held critically-acclaimed but poorly-attended festivals in Australia in 2009. The financial woes appeared to have forced the owners' hands, and a post in the London Gazette, via 405, indicates that the company called in a liquidator last week for a meeting of creditors'.

A quick look at ATP's terms and conditions indicate that the right of entry to the festivals is reserved by "Willwal Ltd & ATP America, Inc.", indicating that Wilwal are now the promoters of ATP in the UK.

The Willwal Ltd name was registered 31 May this year and the London-based company lists Barry Hogan and Deborah Higgins as directors.

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Wilwal are also promoting the upcoming tour from The Afghan Whigs in the UK, which highlights the abruptness of the hand-over. When the tour was announced ATP Concerts were announced as the promoter, but the name has since changed.

Note the change in the 'Presents'  line from the original poster (top, from June) to the current (bottom).

The festival have jumped on the rumours saying that the "changes" won't affected any upcoming events.

"To address the rumours some of you may have seen; there are some changes currently happening with the company, but none of the currently scheduled events or future events will be affected," they posted on Facebook.

They also posted on Twitter;

 At this stage it is unclear how the changes will affect ATP's recording division, or what the outcome of the creditors' meeting was.