Architects' Sam Carter Addresses Heckler In Adelaide: 'This Is Our F***ing Lives'

20 February 2023 | 9:08 am | Mary Varvaris
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"There’s no need for violence; there’s no need to run up onstage and do this shit in 20-f***ing-23."

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An Architects fan at the AEC Theatre, Adelaide, rushed the stage on Friday night (17 February), looking like he was about to attack guitarist Josh Middleton.

As NME Australia and Wall Of Sound report, before the band performed These Colours Don't Run from 2012's Daybreaker, a fan rushed the stage and yelled "obscenities into a microphone," looking like he was going to attack Middleton before security guards dragged him out.

Before the stage rush, the fan was loudly heckling vocalist Sam Carter, demanding the band play old songs out of "respect" for Tom Searle, who died from cancer in 2016. His brother, Dan, is the band's drummer. 

Carter addressed the incident in a speech after the fan was removed: "To turn around and see someone fucking run onstage, and fucking run at Josh… And fucking grab the mic and start shouting whatever the fuck he was shouting – that is fucking insane," he began.

"This isn’t a fucking game; this is our fucking lives. I don’t know who the fuck that person thinks they are, to come up onstage and fucking try and assault Josh or fucking do whatever they were – but the other fucking thing is, when he was on the fucking floor, screaming in my fucking face, telling me to respect Tom and play some fucking old songs – I’ll tell you what, we were just playing the fucking oldest song in the set, you stupid fuck."

Commenting on what was said about the band not respecting Tom Searle, Carter added, "We respect Tom every single fucking day of our lives and every single moment that this band has continued on with. So to turn around and [see] that my fucking best friend is being fucking attacked by somebody, get the fuck out of here. It’s just music."

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As Carter described to The Music, the band have dealt with many attacks since the passing of Tom Searle. He told the Adelaide audience: "This is the thing that people need to understand. This shit that goes on the internet – the way that people fucking talk to each other – it can’t fucking carry on like this. It’s just fucking music. We’re just up here doing our fucking best – there’s no need for violence, there’s no need to run up onstage and do this shit in 20-fucking-23."

He closed the speech hoping the incident wouldn't ruin his night: "Life goes on. Life really, really does go on. And let me tell you, life is very fucking fleeting – we do not know how long we are on this fucking Earth for – so I am not going to let some fucking piece of shit ruin my night."

Check out the video of Carter's speech below via Wall Of Sound.