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Andrew WK Has Signed A Book Deal

27 September 2013 | 11:14 am | Staff Writer

The Party Bible will be released soon.

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The undisputed lord of partying, Andrew WK, has signed a book deal with publishers Simon & Schuster, The AV Club confirmed overnight. WK will release his first book The Party Bible sometime in the near future and has confirmed that it will, of course, be accompanied by an audio version.

It seems like the next logical step in the career of this modern underground media darling and WK himself has said that it will showcase his “entire career as a professional partier” and has been written in dedication to his “party friends”.

The book's editor Michael Szczerban says the reader can expect “an unforgettable voyage in search of truth, wisdom, and party bliss,” saying that “in it, every feeling will be permitted, every thought will become prophecy, and humanity's surging life force will be harnessed and ridden into the abyss.”

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This deal is just another triumph for WK in a year that saw him break the record for the longest ever drumming session.