Amazingly, The Mr G Singalong To Replace Weird Al At Falls Marion Bay

23 December 2015 | 2:47 pm | Staff Writer

Welcome to the magical world of drama!

Though Weird Al Yankovic will no longer grace Falls Festival Marion Bay with his cheeky parodies, another cheeky act has swooped in last minute to take his place — The Mr G Summer Heights High Singalong.

Your favourite drama teacher's songs, straight from Mr G: The Musical which will have its world premiere at Sydney Opera House next month, will be on show for Falls punters to gleefully dance and sing along to. Also feel free to slur numerous wine-fuelled Mr G quotes at your neighbours, we won't mind.

It must be mentioned that neither Chris Lilley or Mr G will be there, though Lilley says of the show, "Who wouldn’t want to see Mr G up on the big screen, shout out quotes and sing the songs from Mr G: The Musical with your friends. I’d do it but it seems a bit narcissistic to quote yourself."

The Mr G Summer Heights High Singalong will hit Falls Marion Bay on 29 January. 

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