EXCLUSIVE: Amanda Palmer Reveals Anger Behind Daily Mail Nipple Controversy

18 July 2013 | 12:55 pm | Liz Giuffre

“I didn’t want to give them the fucking satisfaction” she says of the Daily Mail

Palmer makes her feelings on the media felt in a press shot from last year.

Palmer makes her feelings on the media felt in a press shot from last year.

Amanda Palmer has expressed her anger over the review in British tabloid the Daily Mail which prompted the artist to get naked on-stage and perform a song to the paper.

The paper had reviewed her Glastonbury performance by focusing on a 'nipple slip'. Speaking to theMusic.com.au today, Palmer said, “Totally, of course [I was angry]. But not angry in the way I might have been when I was 25 and I didn't have any contacts or context.

“Although honestly, to tell you the truth, the first thing I thought when somebody linked me to that Daily Mail article was just 'This is hilarious. They clearly don't know who they're talking about'.”

The impromptu track Dear Daily Mail was swiftly uploaded to the internet and has been championed by her fans and the wider community - the story garnering over 200,000 hits on theMusic.com.au.

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“I don't think anyone is now going to rush out and buy a copy of the Daily Mail because they've discovered there's a newspaper they haven't heard about,” she said. “But you know I did very strategically not link to their article in my blog, I cut and pasted their article because I didn't want to give them the fucking satisfaction of the link.”

Palmer, who will speak at the upcoming BIGSOUND conference in Brisbane, believes there was no other response she could have given the article – and that a formal letter would have been useless.

“There's like layers and layers of academic discussion you could pile on this, you could go on for days and days about cultural context and tabloid culture and how totally backwards it is and how sad for women and stuff.

“But there kind of is no other response than you can give to something like that article outside of humour. There's just no other approach, it wouldn't work. I couldn't pen an angry letter to the Daily Mail, it just would have fallen on deaf ears on every single side.”