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Amanda Palmer's New Music Video Straddles 'Brutal Hopelessness & Passionate Hope'

10 August 2019 | 10:31 am | Staff Writer

"We've always bitten off more than we could chew, and this video was no exception."

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Amanda Palmer has shared the patron-funded video for Drowning In The Sound taken off her second solo album There Will Be No Intermission.

Directed, produced and edited by "long-time art-brother" Michael Pope, the video features choreographer Coco Karol who called it a wish fulfilled to get to continue to make art and do motherhood, dancing while seven months pregnant. It also stars dancers Effy Grey, Alexi Transparent, Yeman Brown and Miguel Angel Guzman.

“The overwhelming news about climate change, the politics of a woke and devastated internet, the isolation that everybody is feeling right now… how do you make a music video about that?" Palmer shared.

"Michael Pope and I have been co-creating video treatments for over fifteen years together, ever since we first sat down to write the treatment for Girl Anachronism for The Dresden Dolls, we've always bitten off more than we could chew, and this video was no exception.

"The set of the video itself was a healing space: all of these performers and crew gathered together to try to pull off something sort of impossible on a shoe-string budget. Coco, our choreographer and my new-found friend, was seven months pregnant when we shot the footage, and the whole cast and crew almost revolved around that baby inside her. 

"She and I both experienced painful miscarriages a few years ago, and we took turns carrying each other through the dark. This project was a sort of a healing ritual for us both; and the whole crew and cast wanted this video to feel like the crossroads between brutal hopelessness and passionate hope, which is what everybody seems to be feeling nowadays.”

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Watch the clip below and follow the link here to find out more.