Alt. Release Collaborative Track With Void Of Vision's Jack Bergin, 'APEP'

4 May 2023 | 2:30 pm | Mary Varvaris
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Alt. will release their upcoming album, Abeyance, on Friday, 16 June.

(Pic by Neason McGuiness)

South Australia’s alt. have unveiled a new single from their upcoming album, Abeyance, slated for release on Friday, 16 June.

The new single stars Void Of Vision vocalist Jack Bergin on APEP, raging against chaos and corruption as Bergin trades vocals with Daniel Richards.

The colossal, foot-stomping metalcore number follows previously released singles Wraith, The Great Depression and A.D.D. It’s possibly the best single released so far.

"APEP is the Egyptian God of Chaos, and he is consuming our world,” Richards revealed in a statement. "We see his impacts through the pandemic, our corrupt governments, social media being used as a weapon to divide people.

“We need to realise we are not the enemy; we haven’t done this to ourselves or each other. We are being used and it’s time to stand up and fight or this chaos will devour us all." You can check out the music video below.

Jack Bergin recently revealed that he’s temporarily stepping away from Void Of Vision for a “short period of time” after treating a “brain AVM that ruptured”.

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Alt. worked with Marcus Bridge (Northlane), Landon Tewers (The Plot In You), Zach Britt (Dream On, Dreamer) and Trenton Woodley (Hands Like Houses), as well as producer Callan Orr, who returned after his work on the band’s 2020 debut EP dysfunctional on Abeyance.

“We didn't really know what Abeyance was going to sound like initially,” vocalist Richards revealed in a press release upon the album’s announcement.

“The first two songs that we had for Abeyance were polar opposites from each other, they were Wraith and Better Off Leaving, the former being pretty much the first proper track and the latter being the last song on the album. 

"We started off trying to fill in the gaps between those at first, but a few songs after that we really found what we wanted the sound to be - and it all really started with A.D.D., that was the first song we wrote that we were like: ‘Yep, this is the sound of Abeyance!’”

Alt. signed to Resist and Sharptone Records earlier this year, opened for Saosin, feature on the UNIFY: Off The Record line-up, and are currently supporting Don Broco on tour across the country. This July, alt. will accompany Windwaker on their national tour.

Pre-order Abeyance here.