Adelaide Punks LOLA Reveal What They'd Do If They Won A Billion Dollars

24 March 2023 | 10:00 am | Mary Varvaris
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Despite their recent successes, LOLA are true to their roots and embracing their DIY style of working-class punk in this new track.

(Pic by William Chau)


Adelaide punk rockers LOLA have returned with a new serving of new music in the form of Billionaire, a scorcher with a scathing message towards the billionaires actively harming the working class.

Crowned Best New Artist at the 2022 South Australian Music Awards, the band recently shared the stage with Everclear and Cosmic Psychos. Despite their recent successes, LOLA are true to their roots and embracing their DIY style of working-class punk in this new track. 

Last year, LOLA released their debut EP, Don’t Tell My Mum, and toured with Bodyjar and Chasing Ghosts.

The band commented, “I knew we were onto something when I came up with the chorus ‘Big fat rich cat billionaire, wiping your ass with your money throwing shit in the air.’”

To celebrate the release of Billionaire, Kill Your Stereo just had to know - LOLA, what is the first thing you'd do if you won a billion dollars?

Billy Burns (vocalist): Build myself a skate park. Buy a ticket to Vegas to visit the Punk Rock Museum. Build a recording studio and employ Fat Mike as the engineer. Buy all the fish in the world so no one else can have any. And with the remaining money, I would invest it into upcoming bands.

Sebastian Reyes-Hewitt (guitar/vocals): Buy new shoes. Donate to the restoration of natural ecosystems and funding programs for the rehabilitation for the disadvantaged and less fortunate.

Mitchell Seager (drums): Buy and build my forever home. Retire my parents. Then I’d buy a nice mocha.

Maxwell Bowen (bass): Buy some aloe vera oil for my skin and some frozen goji berries and donate the rest to the orphans. 

Recorded at Depict Studios with Lachy Pitcher, Billionaire follows a series of thrilling releases from the band, with singles Producer’s Bar and GOONSACK capping off a whirlwind of a year for the fun-loving four-piece.

Blending an eclectic mix of influences, from Violent Soho and The Bennies to Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead and even John Mayer, LOLA create music inspired by the Australian natural environment, life experiences, shitty situations, the government and general inebriation mixed with tom-foolery.

Never ones to take themselves too seriously, LOLA have once again raised the bar with their ability to create memorable singalongs - this time getting the job done in under two minutes.

Check out Billionaire below.

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