36 Named As Finalists For $30,000 Industry Awards

6 March 2013 | 11:52 am | Scott Fitzsimons

APRA's Professional Development Awards name their picks

The finalists for the APRA Professional Development Awards have been announced today, with a total of 36 songwriters and composers – including Thomas Busby, Matt Corby, Husky Gawenda and Leah Flanagan – looking at a cut of $240,000.

The names come from the initial shortlist of 200 and there are eight Awards across the categories – each valued at $30,000 – to be announced Monday 25 March.

The finalists are:

POPULAR CONTEMPORARY (three awards given in this category)

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Andy Bull, Andrew Burford, Thomas Busby, Thomas Calder, Jack Carty, Matt Corby, Husky Gawenda, Georgi Kay, Jordie Lane and Elizabeth Rose


Julian Day, Nirmali Fenn, Alexander Garsden, Daniel Rojas and Chris Williams


Kristin Berardi, Sam Boon, Casey Golden, Steve Newcomb and Matthew Sheens


Chelsea Basham, Lachlan Bryan, Brad Butcher, Peter Denahy, Morgan Evans and Matt Scullion (six finalists due to tied votes)


David Barber, Amy Bastow, Tristan Coelho, Aaron Kenny and Joe Twist


Dewayne Everettsmith, Leah Flanagan, Nathan Lamont, Gina McGill and Warren H Williams

This year's judges include Josh Pyke, Jason Mraz and Troy Cassar-Daley, amongst others. Each of the Awards includes $12,000 cash from APRA plus a industry consultancy package, which provides sessions with managers, publishers and other professionals.

Past winners Wally De Backer (Gotye), Abbe May and Laura Jean and judges Sally Seltmann, Jenny Morris and Will Larnach-Jones gave their thoughts on the awards here.