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13 Deathcore Bands Release Brutal Collaborative Single

11 January 2023 | 3:48 pm | Mary Varvaris
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The seven-minute opus is strictly for fans of modern-day deathcore.


Emmure (Clinton Hatfield)

More Suicide Silence More Suicide Silence

Dutch deathcore band Distant are preparing to release their new album, Heritage, on 10 February via Century Media Records.

New single, Argent Justice, which they’ve just dropped, follows previously released tracks Human Scum, Exofilth, and the epic Orphan Of Blight. 

On Orphan Of Blight, the band commented: “if there ever was to be a song that encapsulates everything DISTANT is, then it’s Orphan Of Blight from our upcoming album, Heritage. With our signature mix of theatrical and energetic delivery, Orphan Of Blight also includes an opera singer as the wonderful icing on a devastating deathcore cake!”

Argent Justice couldn’t be any more different: it’s a brutal collaborative song that features members from a mind-blowing 13 bands.

In a list shared by Wall Of Sound, here are the artists joining Distant on the track:

Eddie Herminda of Suicide Silence, Frankie Palmeri of Emmure, Tomáš Klár of Abbie Falls, Marcus Jasak and Kevin Petersen of Acranius, Mike Greenwood, Casey Tyson-Pearce and Colton Bennet of AngelMaker, Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher, Andreas Bjulver of CABAL, Johnny Ciardullo and Andrew Baena of Carcosa, Dan Tucker of Crown Magnetar, Marc Zelli of Paleface, Aaron Matts of ten56. and Devin Duarte of Worm Shepherd. 

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The seven-minute opus is strictly for fans of modern-day deathcore, as it doesn’t let up for a second. There are curdled screams, demented growls, stupidly heavy breakdowns, and no real lightness, but it wouldn’t be right if song abandoned the relentless heaviness.

Pre-order Heritage here.

Distant – Heritage tracklisting

1. Acid Rain
2. Paradigm Shift
3. Born of Blood
4. The Grief Manifest
5. Exofilth
6. Argent Justice feat. Suicide Silence, Emmure, Abbie Falls, Acranius, Angelmaker, Bodysnatcher, Cabal, Carcosa, Crown Magnetar, Paleface, ten56. & Worm Shepherd
 7. The Gnostic Uprising
 8. A Sentence to Suffer
9. Human Scum
 10. Heritage feat. Will Ramos of Lorna Shore
 11. Orphan Of Blight
 12. Plaguebreeder