100 Gecs Take On System Of A Down's 'Toxicity' With Dubstep Remix

1 April 2023 | 10:38 am | Mary Varvaris
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Toxicity has never sounded this abrasive before.

(100 Gecs by Chris Maggio, System Of A Down by Clemente Ruiz)

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Boiler Room, the Los Angeles music space connecting club culture to anyone with access to YouTube, has unveiled a new concert featuring 100 gecs, the hyper-pop duo of Dylan Brady and Laura Les.

The near-90 minute chaotic set is packed with covers and remixes, with the pair taking on a couple of rock tunes, including Eruption by Van Halen, Yeah Yeah YeahsHeads Will Roll, and Toxicity by System Of A Down

Toxicity has never sounded this abrasive - as Consequence Of Sound hilariously notes, the remix has “bass boosted loud enough to cause some minor tectonic shifts.” Check out the full set below (timestamp in comments) and compare it to the original song.

Since 2016, Laura Les and Dylan Brady have been soundtracking all the bedroom parties of people who have wholeheartedly embraced their music. 

The cacophonous bops of 100 gecs are a species all to themselves - combining musical influences and welding them into lethal bangers. With hyper-pop conquered, the pair have turned their attention to hooks and harmonies on their new album, 10,000 gecs.

A few months ago, System Of A Down vocalist Serj Tankian told Kyle Meredith in an interview that the B.Y.O.B. band will announce something soon prior to their headlining addition to the Sick New World festival in the US. 

"As of now, we haven't talked about anything," he said. "We will be making an announcement about something next year that I can't really tell you about. So there is that. But further than that, I can't really say." 

System Of A Down haven't released an album since November 2005 with Hypnotize. However, in 2020, they unveiled two surprise tracks, Protect The Land and Genocidal Humanoidz

Meanwhile, Tankian released his second-ever solo EP, Perplex Cities, last October. The EP sees the iconic nu-metal vocalist in a far more reflective fashion that explores electronic elements while displaying his range beyond metal and rock music. 

Check out the Perplex Cities EP here.