Queensland Government Looking To Increase Amount Of Gigs At Suncorp Stadium

21 February 2024 | 9:30 am | Mary Varvaris

The Queensland government is seeking a rule change to allow more music events at Suncorp Stadium.

Bon Jovi @ Suncorp Stadium

Bon Jovi @ Suncorp Stadium (Credit: Dave Kan)

The Queensland state government is reportedly looking at securing more gigs at Suncorp Stadium in a new proposal to exempt artists performing multiple gigs (think P!nk, Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift) from its concert cap.

According to a new Brisbane Times report, the Queensland government is seeking a rule change to allow more music events as it reviews rules for the stadium ahead of the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

18 months ago, the playing cap for concerts at Suncorp Stadium doubled from six to twelve – a temporary post-Covid measure to boost the Queensland economy – with the state government now wanting to make that change permanent. In addition to seeking to make that change permanent, the government suggests that multiple concerts by one artist be counted as one show.

Under that suggestion, P!nk’s upcoming double-header at Suncorp Stadium would count as one concert, while Ed Sheeran’s recent triple-header would be, too.

Caxton Street Development Association President Sarosh Mehta previously said about the lifting of the cap for significant events, “It’s not just about the traders on Caxton Street, it’s all of Brisbane. It’s people booking accommodation, ride-sharing, more employment for more staff and security. All in all, I see it as a very beneficial thing to have.”

However, the proposed changes have arrived with apprehension from Brisbane Roar’s Chief Operations Officer Zac Anderson, who said that he understands the benefits of more gigs at Suncorp Stadium but not at the expense of the turf needed to play soccer.

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In November, the Queensland state government offered proposals to launch a new 80,000-capacity venue for concerts and other large-scale events, meaning that Brisbane will have a space enormous enough to host the likes of Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and Coldplay.

The venue will be part of the new East Bank precinct, which will be built following the demolition of the Gabba. The rebranded East Bank will become the location for the Brisbane 2032 Olympics and cost $2.7 billion.

According to the Queensland state government, the new centrepiece will significantly increase patronage, with the Gabba currently holding 42,000 to 50,000 attendees for sporting events.