Not Sure What To Do With Your Extra Day? Here Are Our Suggestions

29 February 2020 | 8:52 am | Lauren Baxter

February will have an extra day in 2020. Resident time-waster Lauren Baxter has come up with five ways you should spend it.

Take a personal day

Already broken your new year’s resolutions? Don’t worry, us too. That’s why we’re using the calendar’s realignment as a personal reset. It’s time to forgive yourself and exercise some self-care. Do some meditation or maybe try deep breathing. Run a bath. Forget about the fact our planet is dying, and humans are the cause, and our political leaders are useless, and oh god everything is awful. 

Try something new

Don’t ask us why the leap year comes every four years. Time is a construct, man. But you know what else only happens once every four years? The Olympics! Get inspired ahead of Tokyo 2020 and use the Leap Day to try something new. Karate, skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing will all make their Olympic debut this year so who knows what could be added by 2024. Go out and get that gold medal, girl. 

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Take yourself on a date

There’s an old tradition that says women are supposedly “allowed” to bend the knee in a leap year, taking proposal duties into their own hands. Horse shit. If you want to propose, propose. If you want to be single, be single. And no matter your status, this Leap Day shun tired, old patriarchal beliefs and take yourself on a date. Being by yourself can be scary, we get it. But once you’ve taken yourself to the movies and not had to share your popcorn you’ll never look back.

Go op-shopping

Lore also says if a woman’s proposal was rejected, she would receive a silk gown, fur coat or gloves as compensation, depending on what specific tradition you subscribe to. Now we’ve already fucked the proposal idea off (see above) but we aren’t going to turn our noses up to the potential of receiving gifts. And if you are feeling particularly giving, instead of buying into consumerism it’s as good a day as any to go op-shopping. 

Throw a leapers party

Know someone born on 29 Feb? Throw a leapers party! Don’t know someone born on 29 Feb? Throw a leapers party! The Leap Day is the perfect excuse for a once-every-four-years style shindig. And a chance to celebrate your mate who never actually gets a birthday. Poor, sad Johnny. Maybe you could even get into the theme: play leapfrog, mix a Leap Year Martini, score a hangover bad enough to swear off drinking for another four years. Fun times.