Songwriting Tips Winston Surfshirt Wished They'd Known Sooner

15 November 2022 | 8:03 am | Staff Writer

To celebrate the release of their new album 'Panna Cotta', Winston Surfshirt have revealed the songwriting tips and tricks they wish they'd known before creating their biggest hits.

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1. Piano - I wish I'd learnt the piano as a kid. I started on guitar about 6 or 7 and started playing the keys probably when I was 21-22 ish. I write a lot of songs on the piano first, only vaguely knowing what I’m doing.

2. Writing lyrics on a phone - I feel like the only one who doesn’t; I've got so many books filled and I just can’t bring myself to write lyrics on a phone. It just feels wrong. Trying to keep up with the times. Might have done it once or twice when I didn’t have a book or a pen.

3. Horns - I wish I'd learnt trombone, trumpet or sax. I'm always calling people to come and play on tracks, but it would be dope to be able to just lay some horns down… It's something I’ve never learnt & probably never will... like French.

4. iPad - I couldn’t have really learnt the ‘iPad’ any earlier cause it wasn’t invented, but it's super fun to make beats on, especially when you’re touring or travelling.

5. DAWs - I learnt these pretty young, so I don't wish I'd learnt them earlier. Logic, Ableton, GarageBand - just knowing your way around those sorts of programs is probably the biggest help. Kids these days are so tech savvy, so they’ll be guns.

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