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S6 E6 Recap

6 May 2013 | 5:20 pm | Watching (Mad) Men

“Since we’re gonna be cellmates, why don’t we ask the screw for a couple of drinks?”

Spoiler Alert: This blog is published after Mad Men airs on Showcase in Australia, Monday at 5.15pm EST. Do not read on unless you have watched this week's episode which is also available for download Tuesday mornings on iTunes.

This Week On Mad Men: There's awkward, then there's seeing your father-in-law/$9mil client with a midtown whorehouse's “biggest, blackest prostitute”. Personal/professional pile-ups proliferate when Pete and Don detonate accounts with villains at Vicks and Jaguar; Pete knowing daddy-dear will dowse his flickering hopes of reigniting way-hot old-flame Trudy. With SCDP considering a Public Offer, bridge-burning's bad timing, but Roger's saucy stewardess 'stings' him in with Chevy as our Mad. Ave. Alpha Males trip ass-backwards into new business; leaving Joan feeling like a rented whore and Peggy an eternal underling. She's woed by Abe's Westside renos, dreaming of her smooch with Ted; but he's busy batting his baby-blues at Don, that swinging-dick who's “Tarzan swinging from vine to vine”. Some men love women, some love memos; and from Megan et maman Julia Ormond (maternal marital advice: “the only thought he should have at this meal is how quickly he can get between your legs”) to trumpeting a new über-agency, here comes both.

Peggy: the eternal underling...

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Arcane & Able: “Everybody loves astronauts!” mock-beams Frank Gleason, ready to cash out on advertising and 1968.

Pete Campbell's Punchable-Weasel-Face Watch: “It's a marvel! Everyone wants you!” SCDP pimp Pete... flirts?... to Joan.

Sterling One-Liner Of The Week: “Since we're gonna be cellmates, why don't we ask the screw for a couple of drinks?”

Screening every Monday night, 5.20pm and 8.30pm, on Showcase