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Watching (Mad) Men: S6 E5 Recap

30 April 2013 | 12:20 pm | Watching (Mad) Men

A good ol' American history lesson in this week's MM recap by Anthony Carew.

Spoiler Alert: This blog is published after Mad Men airs on Showcase in Australia, Monday at 5.15pm EST. Do not read on unless you have watched this week's episode which is also available for download Tuesday mornings on iTunes.

This Week On Mad Men: In the flood, the animals went 2x2; when MLK's assassinated, everyone seeks a shoulder. Peggy gives good consoling-black-secretary hugs, Joan bad ones; Pete and Trudy, so together when JFK was shot, tenuously reconnect; Henry flip-flops for the kids and summarises the '60s (“they're gonna burn down the city!” meets “everything's fine!”). Harry, however, only laments the ad-sales cash lost with each Special Broadcast. The fifth Bobby Draper bonds philosophically with the black help post-Planets Of The Apes: “everybody likes to go to the movies when they're sad”; but Days-Of-Wine-and-Roses Don's never loved his kids, especially now Henry's their daddy. Ginsberg Woody Allens his way through a parent-pimped date, asking if she loves kids; and Abe wants them with Peggy, just in the West 80s.

"Now which Bobby Draper are you?"

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How Big Is Thy Weiner: Mid-celebrity-endorsed-awards-show, a half-heard commotion breaks out; confusion sets in. Wait, has history just happened?

Arcane & Able: Ginsberg's TV sluggishly flickers on; a combed-over newscaster solemnly intones 'negro' thrice over.

Pete Campbell's Punchable-Weasel-Face Watch: Or: Harry Crane's Punchable-White-Castle-Stuffed-Face Watch. Smack him down, PC!

Sterling One-Liner Of The Week: “You're allowing the emotions of the day —and whatever else you've got in your system— to influence your judgment.”

Screening every Monday night, 5.15pm and 8.30pm, on Showcase