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Watching (Mad) Men: S6 E13 Recap: In Care Of

25 June 2013 | 3:12 pm | Watching (Mad) Men

“You know what they say about Detroit: it’s all fun-and-games ’til they shoot you in the face.”

Spoiler Alert: This blog is published after Mad Men airs on Showcase in Australia, Monday at 5.15pm EST. Do not read on unless you have watched this week's episode which is also available for download Tuesday mornings on iTunes.

This Week On Mad Men: Jesus has had a bad 1968: Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, Vietnam, Drunk Don Draper punching a minister. Self-Destructive Dick finally hits rock bottom, and a possible Hershey's account has him waxing confessional about his whorehouse upbringing in front of kith, kin, and client. Bob vs Pete turns into a beatdown: servant-boy Bobby getting Campbell kicked outta Detroit in record time; Benson gaily moving on to carve Joan's Thanksgiving roast, much to Roger's chagrin. In a season-six filled with failed reinventions, the finale finds half the office dreaming of assuming the 'junior position' of a solitary desk in Los Angeles; stoned Stan, adulterous Ted, and cold-turkey Don all California Dreamin' of homesteading solo. Peggy and Megan get fed these fantasies secondhand, then have them yanked away; Trudy and Joan may have found single-mom independence, but in Love and Advertising, it's still the men who get the spoils of making Decisions.

Pete Campbell's Punchable-Weasel-Face Watch: “You don't know that your boyfriend Manolo kidnapped my mother, married her at gunpoint, then threw her off a ship?”

Sterling One-Liner Of The Week: “You know what they say about Detroit: it's all fun-and-games 'til they shoot you in the face.”

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Passing on the Sterling One-Liners torch perhaps?

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