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Watching (Mad) Men S6 E11 Recap: Favors

11 June 2013 | 1:55 pm | Watching (Mad) Men

“I’ve seen blind people juggle, but somehow it seems to be beyond me.”

This Week On Mad Men: Handsome Dick is many things, but the “sweetest man” he ain't. With Arnold and Sylvia's mop-topped son Vietnam-bound, Don does a 'favor', soliciting draft-dodging advice from Ted: all the kid needs is a haircut and a pilot's dream; and oh flow Lindsay Weir's salty tears. She pays thanks legs spread, only for Sexual-Awakening Sally – herself harbouring a crush on Young Rosen – to catch Her Dad and His Mom in flagrante.

Pete's mother claims she's been fooling with fruity nurse Manolo, Bob vouches for the carer's queerness, and answers Ginsberg's “homo?” question with a resounding “Pete!”

In 1968, with TVs-symbolizing-alienation/loneliness in every room, Ted and Nan take their marriage's tepid pulse; Peggy turns instant cat-lady, unable to lure Stoned Stan 'round to clean up rat blood; and Pete heartbreakingly runs out of cereal.

How Big Is Thy Weiner?: Weiner mocks crazed Benson conspiracy theories mid-week, then delivers TV's awkwardest-ever declaration-of-love.

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Pete Campbell's Punchable-Weasel-Face Watch: Pt. 2 Of My Confessions: it's the world who wants to punch Sweet Pete; my feelings for him are borderline Bensonesque.

Sterling One-Liner Of The Week: “I've seen blind people juggle, but somehow it seems to be beyond me.”

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