WAM Festival Artist Profile: Riley Pearce

4 November 2015 | 10:03 am | Artist Submission

"There will be such an amazing vibe and lots of other cool (somewhat undiscovered) acts playing."

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Short description of your band and music: Chill, rootsy, folk tunes, gets a bit rockier with a full band.  

Best WAM-related story? I've done a bit of interning with them recently so my best memories are of blasting the Richmond theme song through the office with Georgia (also a mad Tigers fan)  

What do you think separates the WA music scene apart from the rest of the country?  It's a lot of fun, I think it gets too competitive over east and WA musicians are willing to help out other artists so that the community as a whole benefits.  

What WA bands are you vibing on right now and why? Hard to go past Koi Child, David Craft and Grrl Pal  

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Why should people come and see you from amongst the many cool bands at WAM? Not just me but the whole Indi Sounds showcase will be unreal, there will be such an amazing vibe and lots of other cool (somewhat undiscovered) acts playing.  

What's on the horizon for you? I'm releasing my new EP on 26 Feb and with that will be a national tour and a lot of other exciting things.

WAM Festival performance: Indi Sounds Showcase, Friday 6 Nov at Indi Bar Scarborough.