WAAX's Maz DeVita Shares Fave Lyrics: 'I Remember How Shocked I Was'

12 August 2022 | 1:26 pm | Maz DeVita

To celebrate the release of WAAX’s highly anticipated second studio album ‘At Least I’m Free’, Maz DeVita takes us through some of her favourite lyrics of all time.

(Pic by Finnian Mullen)


The first lyrics that you remember being grabbed by

Come, break me down

Bury me, bury me

I am finished with you

The Kill by Thirty Seconds To Mars - I was 11 or 12 and I realised Jared Leto in his emo era was my first ever crush and I became obsessed with this song. Pretty classic 2005 type of shit.

A lyric you wish you’d written

There are so many but it would have to be ‘When they clean the street, I'll be the only shit that's left behind’ in Rose Parade by Elliott Smith - my favourite artist of all time.

Your favourite lyric from your new release

I’m sick of looking at windshields, I want to know how clear air feels’ in No Doz! It’s just one of my fave lines and melodies on the album, it makes me smile every time I hear it because I remember how shocked I was that it came out of me in the session with K.Flay.

A lyric you think is perfect

The fortune lady

Came along and she walked beside

But every word seemed to date her

Time's the revelator

My favourite song of all time is Time (The Revelator) by Gillian Welch. I just think the whole song is perfect because it’s the ultimate truth: time is the one true revelator. You can’t predict the future no matter how much you try.

A lyric that makes you happy

Live, baby, live

Now that the day is over

I got a new sensation

New Sensation by INXS! How can you not flip your shit day into a fun one when this banger comes on? Such an uplifter!

At Least I’m Free is out now via Dew Process. For all upcoming tour dates in support, click here.

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