Voyager debriefs about their Eurovision - Australia Decides experience!

8 April 2022 | 2:21 pm | Ellie Doria
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Voyager drummer Ash Doodkorte peels back the curtain for an inside look at the band’s career-defining punt at Eurovision: Australia Decides, where they came thiiiiis close to winning out the entire comp – as well as their belated launch show for ‘Dreamer’, and what to expect from their long-awaited eighth album.

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Ask anyone that saw the performance, and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone disagreeing with the cold, hard fact that Voyager were robbed of their chance to represent Australia at Eurovision 2022. The band lost out by a inch at this year’s Eurovision: Australia Decides showcase – a Battle Of The Bands-type deal, hosted by SBS, where a suite of performers vie for the gig ahead of an eager crowd and panel of judges – locking down the public vote, but losing by the judges’ marks on a mere three points. 

Ever the good sports they’ve always been, there are no sour feelings from the band themselves – they gave it their best shot, and they’re stoked to have garnered the response they did, winners or not. Chins up and guns blazing harder than ever, Voyager’s sights are now set on a belated show to launch ‘Dreamer’ – the song they dropped for their Eurovision bid, but actually wrote for their upcoming eighth album – set to go down on April 29 at the Badlands Bar in the stomping grounds of Perth, WA.

Ahead of the gig, Matt Doria sat down with drummer Ash Doodkorte to reminisce on Voyager’s experience playing Eurovision: Australia Decides, why their next hometown show is poised to be one for the history books, and what to expect from their game-changing eighth album.