VIDEO PREMIERE: Tomas Ford - Dream Baby Dream (Suicide Cover)

28 July 2016 | 2:23 pm | Staff Writer

Acclaimed West Australian muso Tomás Ford has paid tribute to late, great trailblazer Alan Vega, of Suicide fame, with a cover of the band's Dream Baby Dream following the veteran's death at the age of 78 earlier this month.

Self-describing the release as "a post-mortem tribute to Alan Vega", Ford acknowledged in a statement the "huge" influence wielded by Suicide over his own creative pursuits.

"When I discovered they existed, it was back in 2004, and it was awesome to find a band so totally on my wavelength but from the depths of the late '70s," he said. "As a guy crooning over abrasive electro between punk bands, it seemed like they were riding a similar wave. Their album gave me a kick in the ass, like the universe was teling me to push things further."

This indelible connection to the pioneering electro-punk duo led him to create both the song and video, the latter of which he pulled together with assistance from musician-cum-camera operator Jamie Mykaela on the apparently mean streets of Armadale, in Perth.

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"For the video, we took our lives (and Jamie's expensive camera) into our hands and filmed in the deserted nighttime streets of outer Perth suburb Armadale," Ford explained. "The audio tracks of each take are full of the sounds of angry dogs and people shouting from cars. It was nice. Luckily, I was translucent. You can't beat up a translucent guy in a silver suit."

You'll find no arguments here.

Watch the video above and, for more magical madness from the mind of Tomás Ford, relive the moment the man went viral in Malaysia for his cover of Rihanna's Work.