VIDEO PREMIERE: Jamie Hutchings - 'Life In A Dressing Gown'

4 April 2024 | 9:54 am | Mary Varvaris

The clip perfectly aligns with the beautiful rhythm section on Jamie Hutchings’ track, complementing his dynamic storytelling and experimentation.

Jamie Hutchings

Jamie Hutchings (Credit: Jared Harrison)

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Prolific Australian singer-songwriter Jamie Hutchings (Bluebottle Kiss, Infinity Broke) is releasing the music video for the single Life In A Dressing Gown from his 2023 album A New.

The music video for Life In A Dressing Gown is unique, showcasing soothing, stunning hand-drawn animation created by Justine Wahlin. You can watch the video premiere on The Music below.

Without giving any of the story away, the clip perfectly aligns with the beautiful rhythm section on Hutchings’ track, complementing his dynamic storytelling and experimentation.

Hutchings said about Life In A Dressing Gown in a press release, “The song is about disconnection and swimming. The rhythm track is two snare drums, one on the left and one on the right, with breathing added. I felt pretty puffed after recording the breathing tracks as I don’t know how to loop things, but the breathing seems to match the images of swimming and walking well.”

On the album, he added, “My last album of more traditional songs was called Bedsit, which reminds me of winter, so I wanted to change seasons on this one. Much of it is about turning over a new leaf.”

In other news related to Hutchings, Bluebottle Kiss recently announced that their 2LP live album, Never Leave Town, Live in Sydney, is available to pre-order now via Love As Fiction Records.

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Filmed and recorded at the band’s October 2022 show at Sydney’s Crowbar, the concert marked Bluebottle Kiss’s first performance in 15 years and the first time that the Revenge Is Slow era line-up of Richard Coneliano, Ben Fletcher, Ben Grounds, and Jamie Hutchings played together in 20 years. 

You can pre-order your vinyl copy ahead of its 17 May release here.

In addition to the vinyl, a HD filmed performance captured by Ben deHoedt will play at two cinemas: St Kilda’s Astor Theatre on 17 May, and Paddington’s Palace Chauvel on 18 May.

Hutchings will perform two shows in New South Wales this month before heading to Europe. You can catch him on Thursday, 11 April, at The Midnight Special in Newtown and at the Side B Vinyl Bar in Blackheath on Sunday, 14 April.