VIDEO PREMIERE: Husky – ‘Papier Mâché Eyes’ (Live)

13 September 2019 | 8:40 am | Daniel Cribb

"A thread in the tapestry of a story."

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Having just wrapped production on their fourth studio album at Woodstock Studios in Melbourne, Husky have unveiled a hypnotising new single.

The debut of the Aussie indie folk outfit’s latest cut, Papier Mâché Eyes, has been delivered by a live clip filmed at The Westbury Hotel.

"Papier Mâché Eyes is a thread in the tapestry of a story,” frontman Husky Gawenda told The Music.

“As with the seemingly small moments that make up our days and nights, pull at this tiny thread and the entire thing unravels. It is the most unadorned song we have recorded and therefore, the most intimate.

“Our Brisbane Festival show at the Tivoli will be the perfect setting to dive into this story and invite the audience to dive in with us, when we unveil this and a handful of other songs from our forthcoming album."

The songs on the new release, as Gawenda alluded to above, “form a narrative that follows a character for 24 hours on his personal odyssey throughout Melbourne as well as his internal and external search for meaning, in which he encounters friends, lovers past and present, memories and dreams, and the day to day struggles and beauty of being a human in 2019."

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