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22 August 2019 | 10:02 am | Neil Griffiths

"I already had a set idea that I wanted it to be some sort of typical new year's party… crying and all."


NSW indie-pop artist FRITZ has dropped the house party-vibing music video for her single, Jan 1, premiering on today!

Lifted from her recent 7'' (out now via Break Even Recordings), the Michaela Holmes-directed clip depicts what the Newcastle songwriter describes as a "typical new year's party".

"When Michaela and I were first discussing the video, I already had a set idea that I wanted it to be some sort of typical new years party… crying and all," she tells The Music.

"As we both got talking more the concept became more in depth and turned into a video depicting feelings of loneliness, isolation and teen angst. It starts with me, being the only one at the party not enjoying myself, then towards the end as the song builds everyone breaks down and start fighting each other.

"The mood of the video is very much dependent on the lighting which was carefully chosen by Michaela and I to highlight these separate emotions of sadness, excitement and angst - which are all emotions that can commonly be felt on new years.

"The video is somewhat based off my own experience on new years. I didn’t go to a party but I did have some kind of emotional breakdown leading into an epiphany which forced me to write Jan 1."

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To coincide with the video premiere, FRITZ has also today been announced on the Fairgrounds 2019 line-up, while she will also perform at BIGSOUND in Brisbane next month and Festival Of The Sun in December. 

For more details on FRITZ' upcoming headline and festival dates, head over to theGuide.