Video Clip Focus: Koral And The Goodbye Horses

5 February 2016 | 4:32 pm | Artist Submission

Answered by: Koral Chandler

Artist/Band: Koral & The Goodbye Horses

Song Title: Little Sister

Director: Aaron Schuppan

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What's the concept behind the clip? Originally, Schuppan had dreamed up the most elaborate Magnolia-esque multi-plot monolith. As it turns out, the song really just called for something simple and striking: one light, one camera and me.

How long did it take to make? One day of gruelling and emotionally draining work. 

Where did you film it? Anomaly Studios in Adelaide's North West.

What's your favourite part of the clip? It's funny: we shot on a huge soundstage the size of an aircraft hanger yet the best moments were the really tight shots of a piece of flesh or a muscle twitch.

Was anything in particular inspiring you during the making? The team I worked with: their talent, their focus, their assiduousness… they inspired me. Oh, and my actual little sister.

Will you be launching it? We are releasing the single and the videoclip mid-March and then hitting the road supporting Max Savage around Australia

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