Unpaid Debt: Inside Line.

23 September 2002 | 12:00 am | Bianca Valentino
Originally Appeared In

All Debts Are Off.

Unpaid Debt play the Top Shot Mini Golf Centre, Maroochydore on Friday and the Gabba Hotel on Saturday.

Sydney melodic ska-punks Unpaid Debt have been touring relentlessly in support of their new EP Ugly On The Inside they about to make their way up to our parts with all-girl spiky haired punks The Homewreckers.

“It's been very hectic and very busy,” starts bassist Matty Ann. “The van broke down, I think we've stalled the engine so now we have to hire a van from here on in.”

Wasn't your EP originally going to be titled, Next Stop Yesterday?

“It was going to be called that. I don't know what really happened there it was an artwork idea that changed and we ended up calling it Ugly On The Inside but then we ended up changing the artwork again so you figure that one out.”

Who was behind the artwork?

“It's pretty awesome. It was actually put together as a project for our singer's sister Michelle. She put it together for a prototype assignment thing and she showed it to us and we said it was five times better than the artwork we had, so we went with it.”

The art concept with the pic of you guys over a $50 note does that mean...

“Yeah that means exactly that. Money is the ugliness inside everyone wether it be on purpose or not if you know what I mean.”

Ugly On The Inside is definitely a little different in comparison to their last release, Talk To The Hand.

“Talk To The Hand was pretty much all over the place, our production was a little bit more smoother I guess apart from that we really just have a different singer we're still pretty much Unpaid Debt though.”

New singer Joel has added another dimension to the band and seems to fit right in.

“He's doing real well. He's a great songwriter and he takes great pride in what he does as a musician. He's really good.”

Humbly, Unpaid Debt has big plans for this release.

“We're really hoping that this will be the next step. We've worked damn hard in the last three years, we worked damn hard to get what we really wanted out of this EP and we hope it will do what we were hoping it to do which, is pretty much just impress everybody.”

Anything else to add?

“Music is good, and check out www.unpaiddebt.net