Trophy Eyes' John Floreani's Top 10 Hardcore Albums

21 June 2023 | 4:00 pm | Mary Varvaris
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"It’s disgusting in the best possible way."

Trophy Eyes

Trophy Eyes (Credit: Matthew Krueger)

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On Friday, Aussie favourites Trophy Eyes are dropping their new album, Suicide And Sunshine, their fourth record and follow-up to 2019’s The American Dream

Trophy Eyes’ fourth album is dubbed to be about contrast - not just in the title. The album title comes from the track Sean, which is about vocalist John Floreani discovering his mate’s passing on a sunny day before getting into an Uber to a gathering of Sean’s friends. 

Floreani explained, “It’s the tragedy and the beauty of life. When we did Chemical Miracle, our second full-length, the logo for the album was a palm tree and a noose. That’s literally suicide and sunshine. It’s always been there on my mind. And I think I finally just phonetically set it out. That encompasses everything I’ve been trying to do my entire career.”

In the lead-up to the new release, John Floreani has shared his favourite hardcore albums with Kill Your Stereo. Check out his picks below.

Before you judge me, I’m simply a fan of Hardcore. I am in no way, shape or form a crucial Hardcore elitist. It’s also impossible for me to pick only ten records and die on that hill, so here are 10 of my favourites in no particular order:

1. Set It Off - Madball (1994)

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My introduction to Hardcore. Though I’ve spent time enjoying releases both before and after this record, it’s become my standard of good Hardcore or even correct Hardcore. 

2. Songs To Scream At The Sun - Have Heart (2008)

This record was foundational to the beginning of my songwriting. The melodic attributes of Songs To Scream At The Sun helped me understand how emotive music can help add weight to what you’re singing. 

3. Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress - Gulch (2020)

I love the power and chaos of this record: just unhinged arrogance and blistering noise. I can’t listen through this album without laughing out of pure joy. 

4. Heaven Is Here - CANDY (2022)

I think this is one of my all-time favourite records, regardless of genre. It’s a true piece of art, making me uncomfortable and cathartic at the same time. It’s disgusting in the best possible way. 

5. Big Kiss Goodnight - Trapped Under Ice (2011)

Probably the first record that comes to mind when I think of Hardcore. A lot of Hardcore kind of makes me laugh - it’s like a fashion show for people that like to pretend they’ve had a hard life. This album is a creditable piece of art that reflects life in such a genuine and palpable way and lives entirely outside of that world. 

6. Drop Dead - Siege (1984)

The founders of Powerviolence. Powerviolence is probably my favourite Hardcore subgenre, and this is the record that started it all. I like to listen to this in the context of the ’80s and think how new and scary this album would have been. 

7. Bringin’ It Down - Judge (1989)

High tempo, high energy Hardcore Punk. One of those records that, if it came out today, would still be relevant and reflective of the genre. 

8. Cost of Living - Incendiary (2013)

My most listened-to album for a couple of years. The grit and conviction in this record were so refreshing at the time and still are. 

9. Nonstop Feeling - Turnstile (2016)

I think I’d be lying if I didn’t add Tunstile to the list. This record was a game-changer for modern Hardcore. To me, it sounded like a mix of Metallica and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I couldn’t put it down, and on each new listen-through, the effortless style of Nonstop Feeling just blew me away—an incredible record by an incredible band. 

10. The One Thing That Still Holds True - Chain Of Strength (1995)

Raw and driving. The soundtrack to skating to school on a fresh Winter morning.

You can pre-save Suicide And Sunshine HERE and enter the running to win a signed test pressing of the vinyl. If you’d rather pre-order physical copies and merch, you can do that HERE for an Australian exclusive coloured LP and the chance to win a signed Fender guitar.