Loving Vetta Borne's New EP? Then You Need To Check Out This Exclusive Track By Track

21 May 2021 | 11:48 am | Vetta Borne

After a recent breakup, Melbourne artist Vetta Borne threw herself into her music to craft a heartfelt five-track EP, 'Emelia', about moving on and looking after yourself. Read all about the new release from Borne herself right here.

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Kissing Strangers

Kissing Strangers was about the bittersweet feeling after a breakup. Knowing that I made the right decision for myself by leaving, but still feeling that heartbreak and hoping that the person I was with was coping alright while I gave them space to move on. 

You Can Go

You Can Go was the pettiness I was feeling in that same relationship. Knowing that I deserved so much better and reaffirming myself of why I should leave.


My friends are like my family. I’ve had the same close friends for years, and some since I was a kid. I wanted to express my love and appreciation to them, even though I still playfully called myself the Beyoncé of the group, haha.


I can definitely have my moments where I work myself to the bone, times where I feel so socially anxious I can’t even bear to be in the room and times where I just don’t feel good enough. Sunshine was my way of telling myself that I can’t always be on all the time. I needed to remember to not be so hard on myself. 

Luv On U

Sometimes you meet somebody and you can’t even believe they’re real. I met somebody and I can’t believe how lucky I am to come across somebody so beautiful inside and out.

Vetta Borne's Emelia EP is out today. Hear it below:

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