TOUR Diary: THE RIOT Do Their Own Catering On The Road With WAAX

9 November 2021 | 12:04 pm | Staff Writer

"The beds looked like they were freshly rinsed off with a hose, fresh for our arrival."


Fresh off of their whirlwind tour with Brisbane rockers WAAX, THE RIOT decided to share some candid snaps from behind the scenes and beyond. 

Discount snacks, poolside bevs and some impressive onstage feats of strength, the band have been living the high life on the road this year.

All photos by Kurt Schwerdt

Half price shapes for lunch after surviving a wine tasting at murdering point winery. Pam (the lady that served us) is now a fan of the band

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Four men crammed into one room in Cairns. The beds looked like they were freshly rinsed off with a hose, fresh for our arrival.

JD spoke of a cocktail by the pool the whole plane ride from Gold Coast to Cairns. Dreams do come true. 

Pretending like we were in America. Really we were just in Mackay. People dress up like it’s Halloween before it’s Halloween there. We like this

Post show pondering at the unibar in Townsville. That’s the closest we ever got to going to uni

Finally we get to share the energy and sweat of real humans again. Felt like we were at home again. Townsville should have been called Placehome 

Only stopping at pubs if they looked like shit. Shoes and socks probably weren’t necessary 

The force of the front people coming together to create somewhat of a Michelangelo painting

The teach' giving life lessons to the Townsvillians. I think We all needed a heart to heart after with all the mayhem the world has presented as of late

Safe to say this wasn’t planned. We always seem to do something acrobatic on stage. I guess Jumping fences did give us some sort of physical attributes 

A moment of reflection is always necessary before pouring your heart and soul out to other people

Communication is key when it come to this shit. Gotta be on the same page. A band allows you to create a brain as one. That connection is special and should be looked after

The brand new video for THE RIOT's Pissed is out now. Check it out below: