Totally Unicorn Review Wine For Us And Oh God Why Stop It

20 May 2016 | 12:07 pm | Staff Writer

This doesn't make our Friday arvo red wine sesh sound very appetising...

The unpredictability and unruliness of Totally Unicorn is precisely what we love about them, so when the metalcore band's drummer Mike Bennett told us he'd be kicking off a brand new wine review video series, we were all about it.

Presenting the first episode of Wine About It With Mike, premiering exclusively on every Friday.

Reviewing bottles of wine the best way they know how — by filling their wine glasses up to the lip, duh — Mike will offer his learned thoughts about each bottle's aroma, body, notes, bouquets and other things we don't understand as music journalists.

P.S. Episode one features Totally Unicorn singer Drew Gardner in his psychedelic undies, so… semi-NSFW crotch warning.

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