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The Screaming Jets: Live On.

13 January 2003 | 1:00 am | Peter Madsen
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All Jets Are Off.

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The Screaming Jets play the Twin Towns Services Club on December 27 and 28 and the Nambour RSL on December 29. :Live Forever is in stores now.

In the middle of last year, The Screaming Jets left a gaping hole in Australia’s musical landscape by putting themselves on hold. The members of the band headed their separate ways (which included frontman Dave Gleeson putting together a country record while guitarist Grand Walmsley hit the road with punk trio Hang Seng), but now, fortunately for the band’s legion of fans, they’re back together and on the road for shows leading up to New Year’s Eve. Grant took some time to answer a few questions about their return, and their newly released Live Forever album.

Why does this feel like the right time for The Screaming Jets to make a return?

“Mmmn, that’s an interesting question. We needed time to experience life outside the bubble and to develop as individuals for a while. But as they say, ‘When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way…’ It’s good to be in a maturing band, as we can do anything we like outside the band with everybody’s blessing, which brings a whole new colour scheme into the Jets.”

Can you tell us about the new live recording? What shows were the tracks taken from?

“It’s one complete gig from start to finish, the last show of the Forever 2001 Tour, recorded at Club Nova, Newcastle, June 9.”

Do you think it’s a good representation of where the Jets are now, or are you just looking to close a chapter on the band before moving forward?

“It’s funny that the live album is the new record, but as two years have past since it’s recording, we’re a completely different band already, in the best possible ways. Every album is definitely the end of a chapter.”

Do you think the band have always been happiest up on stage? Does the disc reflect this?

“Yes, yes and more yes.”

You’ve set up your own label to release the disc, was this a major undertaking for the band?

“It is a major undertaking, but this time we are going to have the big piece of the pie.”

Are you satisfied to be a fully independent act?

“Ask me when we’ve sold a million units.”

What’s next for the band? Are you back to slugging it out on the road, or are songs being written for a new studio release?

“We are going to do some more sporadic touring and when we can find a month or so, that we can actually spend together, we’ll begin.”