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The Music 2019 Writers' Poll: Taylor Marshall

23 December 2019 | 9:10 am | Taylor Marshall

Here's what The Music's writers rated in 2019…

Album Of The Year

  1. Durand Jones & The Indications - American Love Call
  2. Pond - Tasmania 
  3. Turnover - Altogether 
  4. Whitney - Forever Turned Around 
  5. Syrup, Go On - Last Light
  6. The Underground Youth - Montage Images Of Lust & Fear
  7. These New South Whales - I Just Do What God Tells Me To Do

Song Of The Year

  1. Durand Hones & The Indications - Court Of Love
  2. Syrup, Go On - Don't Go (Ridin' Down The Cosmic Drain) 
  3. Turnover - No Reply 
  4. CAKES - Octopus 
  5. Jye - You On My Mind

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Artist Of The Year

  1. Pond
  2. Syrup, Go On 
  3. CAKES 
  4. Butter 
  5. A Swayze & The Ghosts 

International Artist Live Performance Of The Year

  1. Mermaidens

Australian Artist Live Performance Of The Year

  1. Butter 
  2. Pond 
  3. EchoWave 
  4. CAKES 
  5. Sycco

Highlight Of The Decade

Oh man, oh man, oh man, I don’t even know where to begin!!!

This year I achieved my lifetime dream – Syrup, Go On released their music video for Don’t Go (Ridin’ Down the Cosmic Drain) with yours truly as a dolled-up silver man. Additionally, I joined them on stage for a few songs on vocals & guitar to a packed out venue with some of my fave bands on the line-up!! They even added my own music project to the line-up of one of their shows. To sum up, Syrup, Go On made my decade, and to this day I still can’t stop remembering the joy I felt on those nights!

Prediction For Next Decade

I predict that I might not win the Powerball jackpot and buy a submarine, but hey, hopefully it happens?

I also predict that I’ll stop sitting around and finally release the next instalment of my solo music project – cheeky Messycable plug right there for ya!