The KT26ers: Brit Hot.

21 October 2002 | 12:00 am | Brett Collingwood
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Weary Dunlops.

The KT26ers launch the five track EP at the Paddington Workers Club on Friday.

Barely a year old, the KT26ers weld lean rock muscle to frantic, well-crafted tunes, a gambit which, along with their corrosive live shows, is getting them plenty of attention. They're releasing their debut EP, which has already received tonnes of airplay on 4ZZZ, at the Paddington Workers Club this Friday. As well, the band has secured a coveted spot on the humongous Market Day bill. And the name? Like you didn't know that it refers to one of Dunlop's finest shoe creations!

The new EP started as a five-track demo, but has now been mastered to give it some extra punch. Singer/guitarist Dave says it was mostly recorded live.

“We did it straight live, leaving out the lead guitar, but with vocals. But I was wearing a Britney Spears mic (i.e. a headset mic), so there was a lot of panting!" he says amidst chortles from his bandmates. "Oh yeah, I pant! So we edited over those and took another cut, but pretty much all those vocals were taken on the first cut. They were done in a couple of hours."

The band have already begun work on a new batch of recordings.

"We went in to do a pre-record just to lay down another ten tracks a couple of weeks ago," Dave reveals, "and we'll just sort of sift through that and work out what we want to take to the next step, of like a full production. We'll be working in conjunction with (recording studio) Troy Horse and (Brisbane label) Permanent Records on that, and hopefully we'll be releasing it early next year."

But right now, there's the EP to promote. All the songs on the disc were written by Dave, though he says that's now starting to change.

"As we're sort of gelling, we're starting to write songs together now," he enthuses. "We're down to about twenty-five songs that we'll use from me writing by myself, and now we'll move into everyone writing. We've written our first song as a band, Hooked On Harmonics. It's an instrumental."

"I've only been in the band for a few months, and bits and pieces in the songs have changed in that time" says Nick (bass). "Like add-ins and take-outs and that sort of thing."

"I reckon (drummer) Steve's got a great take on life though, and I'd love to see him write songs," Dave exclaims. 

"I'd love to see me write songs." Steve chuckles.

"I'm yet to write the perfect paedophile song though. My angry paedophile song." Dave bemoans.

"I can't wait for that." Steve shudders.