The Homewreckers: Let’s Get Loud.

23 September 2002 | 12:00 am | Bianca Valentino
Originally Appeared In

No Place Like Home.

The Homewreckers play the Top Shot Mini Golf Centre, Maroochydore on Friday and the Gabba Hotel on Saturday.

The Homewreckers are an all-girl spiky haired old school punk rock band from Melbourne. They have attitude and style, but most of all they can rock the old fashioned way.

“Yay we're coming to Brisbane,” says front girl Vix Homewrecker. “We hope to play really well and give people a bit of a taste of what the Melbourne punk scene is like. Hopefully people will enjoy us and not take us too seriously 'cause we don't take ourselves too seriously.”

I heard you girls will be bringing a new release with you?

“Yeah, we will. I'm getting it printed next week. It's going to have four new songs and it's going to have a live recording of about seven or eight tracks from a show we played at The Tote with H-Block, Gazoonga Attack and Bluemovie. It won't be more than $10 'cause we like to keep things cheap.”

For the uninitiated what do The Homewreckers sound like?

“Fairly fast, fairly raw, obnoxious punk. A little bit like The 99's (formerly Devotchkas). All our songs are getting a little long they were about a minute now they're creeping up to three. Loud music, I guess. We just sing about stuff that happens to us, nothing too heavy, nothing too political.”

Have you been doing anything in preparation for the tour?

“We've bee going to the gym to get bikini bodies for Queensland, not that it's working though 'cause every time we go to the gym we think then we can eat some chocolate. Every morning I get up for work and I'm so tired but I've got the motivation to do it, which is the tour. That's why we're working, to save money for the tour. It's hard work but it's all worth it.”

What's the scene like in Melbourne?

“There's a lot of girls down here doing stuff; they tend to be a bit more positive then the guys. They tend to encourage bands more. I think the punk scene in general is a bit apathetic, it's like they want to be entertained but they don't want to put anything in. Being in a band I know that the more you put in the more you get something out of it and it's so fucking rewarding. If you sit back and say there's no gigs, no zines, no nothing well of course there's not because you're not doing anything about it. You got to make things happen for yourself.”