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The D4: Lets Get Rocked.

16 December 2002 | 1:00 am | Dave Cable
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Turning Japanese.

The D4 play the Gabba Hotel on Wednesday and the Troccadero, Surfers Paradise on Thursday.

There’s no denying New Zealand have been responsible for some of this countries most loved musical acts. Take a look at the rabid response a Pacifier gig draws. You’ll soon be adding garage rockers the D4 to their esteemed company.

Formed in 1998 in Auckland, The D4 released their 6Twenty debut, complete with certain to be legendary kick off track Rock N Roll Motherfucker, to international acclaim earlier this year. The following months saw then travel the globe, with tours in Europe, the US and Japan. We’ve caught them a couple of time as well, most recently at Livid, and this week they return to the Gabba Hotel.

“We just did a few shows in Portrugal, and a couple of shows in Spain,” confirms bassist Vaughan. “We had some shows with the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, which was amazing. We finished off with two weeks around England.”

“Before this year we’d never been to Europe before, and this tour we just did was our second one there, so it’s still pretty fresh for us. You’re with your mates, and you’re over there playing rock and roll music, which is a pretty good deal.”

It seems the explosive rock and roll mixture the band stir up finds them favour wherever they travel. Is it a strange sensation heading overseas like that, and having your face plastered all over magazines and press in another country?

“It is a bit. Going over to the other side of the planet, and everything is completely opposite, so everything is kind of a buzz. It’s as far away as you can possibly get.”

Being heavily influenced by Japanese bands like Guitar Wolf, a trip to Japan to play with their inspiration seemed like a dream come true.

“Japanese fans are just insane,” Vaughan confirms. “They have these gigs that start at like 5pm or 6pm in the afternoon, and when the doors open there’s already a queue at the door so by the time the first band comes on the place is already packed. You get on and play and they all just go nuts, screaming. It’s all over by about 10pm.”