If Teenage Dads Opened 'Club Echo' Guess Who'd Be On The Guestlist?

5 November 2021 | 9:19 am | Teenage Dads

"Any cowboys within the venue will more than likely challenge each other for territorial rights."

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With their brand new EP Club Echo hitting the shelves today, we thought we'd ask Melbourne indie-poppers Teenage Dads a very simple question:

If Club Echo was a real life venue, what would be the first five songs you would hear as soon as you walk into the venue?

Needless to say the cheeky chappies went ahead and chose five tunes that just happen to all appear on the new EP! Welcome to the club, everyone...

1. Elevator by Teenage Dads

Firstly, when taking the private elevator up to Club Echo, you would hear Elevator by Teenage Dads playing. It G’s you up for the dancefloor.

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2. Piano Girl by Teenage Dads

As the doors open, you see a crowd of sweaty people through the dank disco lighting and everyone is in fact rocking out to Piano Girl by Teenage Dads. You suspect the DJ has a crush on the Melbourne four-piece.


3. I Believe It by Teenage Dads

Piano Girl ceases and I Believe It by Teenage Dads begins. You exclaim ‘I DON’T believe it!’ as the Disc Jockey must really love this band as they have clearly queued the extended play in order.


4. Cheerleader by Teenage Dads

You are still in disbelief, as all of a sudden the patrons form a flash mob and there is an acrobatic routine performed in sync with Cheerleader by Teenage Dads and you are very impressed; but a tad envious that you weren’t involved.


5. Come on, Cowboy. Fire Your Gun! by Teenage Dads

Towards the end of the night, after a few too many drinks, any cowboys within the venue will more than likely challenge each other for territorial rights. This song is pretty fitting for that, given the title and lyrics of the song which mentions both cowboys and them firing at each other.

Club Echo is out today and available for streaming now.